Water Foaming of PVC - Loughborough University Report

The results of a study sponsored by The R & D Factory and undertaken by Loughborough University on the Streamoulding of PVC have now been published. An extract from the report summarising the conclusions accompanies this news article. The study shows that water foaming of PVC is achievable using the Streamoulding technology and that the processing aid in the PVC formulation is critical in the foaming process. A closed cell structure is created within the mouldings and the strength and appearance characteristics using PVC are very similar to those which have been achieved with other polymers. The report concludes that "From all the results obtained, it is possible to foam PVC with Streamoulding® while obtaining weight saving, good surface finish and mechanical properties. Although the injection moulding machine was not made specifically for PVC, PVC degradation has been avoided and good product has been obtained."

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