Streamoulding strength test results

The Welsh Composite Centre at Swansea University have completed some independent strength tests on samples produced using our water foaming process - Streamoulding. This is a question we are often asked-whether the foamed mouldings are as strong as solid mouldings. As you will know there are a number of different measures of strength and strength should be taken in the context of required performance and fit for purpose of the moulded item. The method they used which was a 3-point bend mode with the peak force was being taken as the strength and the gradient of force / displacement taken as a measure of the stiffness - in other words its bendiness.

Below is a summary table of the results. The two obvious observations  are that interestingly we actually get increased strength and stiffness certainly up to 7% weight reduction but after 11% these trail off significantly. The decline in stiffness is also less marked than in strength.  It is also worth pointing out that the strength and stiffness to weight ratios remains positive to the solid samples up to the 11% weight reduction level.

Streamoulding Strength Test Results

Av Sample

Weight (gms)

24.8 23.7 23.1 22.1 19.6 17.2
Weight Change 0 -4% -7% -11% -21% -30%
Strength Change 0 +5% +1% -10% -38% -53%
Stiffness Change 0 +5% +5% -11% -21% -24%
Strength/weight ratio 1 +10% +8% +1% -22% -32%
Stiffness/weight ratio 1 +10% +19% +11% -1% -14%