Streamoulding® examples

Save weight and maintain surface finish

Materials: Polystyrene

Save weight and maintain surface finish

Thin wall moulding development

Materials: Polypropylene

The R & D Factory is working with Spies Kunststoffe GmbH in a project to use the Streamoulding technology on its thin wall food containers.

Streamoulded TPE Pad

This shows streamoulded TPE pad which has been over moulded on a PP garment hanger clip. The weight saving of the TPE is 8-10%. The moulding machine had a gated hot runner system.

Interlocking floor plate

This sample is an interlocking floor plate weighs 200 grams, which was significant because the max shot size of our 100 tonne moulding machine is 160 grams. This streamoulded sample weighed 150 grams. - a 25% weight saving. You couldn’t have moulded this part on our machine without Streamoulding®.

Composite Materials

These 2 samples are made with glass filled nylon. The surface finish is very similar in both samples but the streamoulded sample demonstrate a 38% weight saving.

Glass support bar

This is a close up of a glass support bar used in laboratories which has thin and thick sections as well as different size holes for screws. We were able to save 15-20% on the weight of this moulding.

Kitchen utensil handle

This is a kitchen utensil handle in polypropylene where we concentrated on minimising the water and getting the best surface finish we could.