Water foaming of polymers

Streamoulding is a new and innovative approach to lightweighting plastics for Injection Moulding. The patented process is the world’s only plastics foaming technology that uses water to foam the polymer during the normal processing cycle in a specially designed retro fit mixing nozzle.

No other changes are needed to the injection moulding machine or moulds and the material in the barrel and hopper remain unaffected.

Streamoulding offers something unique within the injection mouldings industry as recent press articles illustrate.

Up to 40% weight savings are achievable, along with significant cycle time reductions upwards of 20%, and energy savings in excess of 30%.

Within a few hours the Streamoulding equipment can be installed and working. Compressed air, a 240v power source and a 24v electrical trigger from the moulding machine are all the services that are needed. In addition, it is easily transferable to another moulding machine.

A full process description is given in the Operating Manual along with detailed photos of the cell structure which is produced by the process in the examples and tests section.

Streamoulding has been developed in the UK and the equipment is UK manufactured. It uses high quality components and has been rigorously tested over thousands of hours during its development. It is backed by a 12 month parts and labour warranty and a technical helpline. Check out the complete product specifications.

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