Energy & cycle time savings chart

1 June 2012

Categories: Manufacturing, Streamoulding

The addition of a very small amount of water during Streamoulding reduces the viscosity of the polymelt and as a result reduces the cycle time as well as lowering the load on the moulding machine during injection. This generates energy savings in addition to material savings from weight reductions in the moulded parts.

This table shows how the additional savings are related to various weight reductions which can be set and controlled through the Streamoulding process.

Interlocking floor plate

21 May 2012

Categories: Manufacturing, Streamoulding

This sample is an interlocking floor plate weighs 200 grams, which was significant because the max shot size of our 100 tonne moulding machine is 160 grams. This streamoulded sample weighed 150 grams. - a 25% weight saving. You couldn’t have moulded this part on our machine without Streamoulding®.

R&D Factory’s John Heaton to speak at BPF Seminar

17 April 2012

Categories: Manufacturing, Seminars, Streamoulding

John Heaton is to speak at the BPF Seminar Technology for Plastic Processors on 25th April at the BPF headquarters in London.

John’s presentation is entitled Water Foaming of Polymers. It will describe the development of Streamoulding and run through the benefits and applications of the technology. A copy of the presentation will be posted here website after the event.