About us

The company has its development base in Flintshire, North Wales, and was set up in 2005. John Heaton is the Director in charge of the companies overall operations.

Whilst the company has a number of products and projects in its portfolio, it has been concentrating on developing and bringing to market its water foaming technology for injection moulded plastics – Streamoulding.

There is a full description of the Streamoulding process and its benefits in the relevant section of this website.

Our philosophy is clear - anything that won’t sell, we don’t want to invent, and if it isn’t solving a problem, doing something better or different to the norm, than we are not interested.

Our outlook therefore as a business is very focussed on profit, but is also very open minded and positive to ideas and “left handed” thinking.


John Heaton


John Heaton has over 20 years of experience working for large companies at a senior level in technical and packaging management roles. Specialist skills within packaging and technical disciplines at strategic and functional levels.

John set up Qualpack Ltd in 2000 to provide clients with a range of QA and Packaging services including Interim Management, Project Management, Cost reduction, Packaging Innovation, rationalisation and re engineering.

In September 2008 John purchased Protectapak(Europe) Ltd., a small manufacturing company making protective packaging for the ophthalmic trade and relocated the business to Flintshire.